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Introduction to Matsuzawa in Japan:Matsuzawa has been manufacturing hardness testers since 1995. Headquartered in Akita, Japan, the company mainly produces and supplies Vickers hardness testers and Rockwell hardness testers. After years of innovation and reform, Matsuzawa has achieved important res


Automatic Rockwell Hardness Tester

model: Ria

Brand: Matsuzawa

Origin: Japan

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release time : 2020-05-28 15:27:59

Matsuzawa automatic rockwell hardness tester Ria electronic closed loop can automatically control the accuracy of the external interference back and consumption. The loading force can range from 3kgf to 10kgf (29.42n to 98.07N), and the difference of the force can be as small as 100gf. You can also go from 15kgf to 187.5kgf(15kgf to 187.5kgf).  


•  One-button automatic, easy to operate

•  Electronic closed-loop control

•  Test methods are optional

•  Different load force ranges

•  Measurement precision

•  LED lights

•  Light and small

•  Windws operating system

One-button automatic, easy to operate

All the testing (preload, load, uninstall) is done with one click on the touch screen.

Electronic closed-loop control

The force sensor is used to control the force with high precision.

The electronic closed loop can automatically control the precision of the external interference force back and consumption.

Test methods are optional

Full range rockwell hardness measurement method, and brinell measurement method (brinell only provides loading force)

Different load force ranges

The loading force ranges from 3kgf to 10kgf (29.42n to 98.07N), and the force difference is as low as 100gf.

KGF can also from 15 to 187.5 KGF (15 KGF to 187.5 KGF).

Innovation function

Based on the upper sensor feedback of the measuring surface, the upper sensor can be more accurate than the upper sensor feedback of the upper and lower sensors in the market, which can exclude the influence value of sample surface factors.

Light and small

Perfect design

That is to make the machine light, small, when the need to move the machine is very convenient.

The LED light

During operation, the LED indicator will flash, which is convenient for detection.

Windows 7 desktop

In addition to operating the durometer, the desk computer can process data, print and connect to the Internet.

Full automatic model:Ria - FSemi-automatic model: ria-s


Technical parameters:


Ria - F

Ria -s

Preload force


29.42 N (3 KGF)


KGF 98.07 N (10)

The main loading force


147.1, 294.2, 441.3 N (15,30,45 KGF)


N (60100150 KGF 588.4, 980.7, 1471)


61.29, 98.07, 153.2, 245.2, 294.2, 306.5, 612.9, 980.7, 1226183 9 N (6.25, 10,15.625,30,31.25 25, 62.5, 100125187 KGF)undefined

Load the way

Full automatic (preload, load, unload)

Loading time

0-999 seconds


50X50mm automatic workbench

D60mm flat base

Automatic control

3 axis automatic control

1 axis automatic control

Operation panel

10.1-inch industrial computer (Windows)

Measure the height

140 mm

Measuring the depth of the

100 mm


W170 X D370 X H500

The weight of the

29 kg


ISO6508, JISB7726, ASTM e-18

The power supply

Ac 110-240 - v


Automatic Rockwell Hardness Tester

model: Ria

Brand: Matsuzawa

Origin: Japan

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